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Alastair Arnott

Alastair Arnott is a lecturer in Education at the University of Wolverhampton and speaks internationally. He is thoroughly passionate about empowering children through psychology and education system revolution. Praised by Prof Noam Chomsky of MIT in the US and Prof Mick Waters in the UK, Alastair is a funny, engaging and focused academic.

Alastair’s first book: ‘Positive Failure’ [published by Cambridge Academic] has already ruffled the feathers of the political establishment and his second book promises to shake the very ground of an education system in crisis. He has spent a decade working in some of the UK’s most deprived inner city secondary schools.

Alastair provides a rigorous, controversial and hard hitting case for why, when and how to achieve educational demanufacture.

Twitter: @Alastair_Arnott