Ben Lumley

Hustle and Grind

About Ben Lumley

Ben is Front End Web Developer at Dijitul, a web design agency based in Mansfield. He runs Dijitul Media, a photography agency for the web and web industry.
Ben has always had a keen interest in what makes people successful and how they achieve things most people only dream about. An avid believer in hard work beats talent, Ben has in the last few year years built websites for multi-million pound business, British Touring Car Race Drivers and everyone in between.
Twitter: @bensnapsstuff
Susan portrait

Dr Susan Hogan

Art and the history of madness

About Dr Susan Hogan

Susan Hogan is Professor of Cultural Studies and Art Therapy. She has written extensively on the relationship between the arts and insanity, and the role of the arts in rehabilitation, particularly in relation to the position of women.

Her books are:

  •  Feminist Approaches to Art Therapy (as editor, 1997);
  •  Healing Arts: The History of Art Therapy (2001);
  •  Gender Issues in Art Therapy (as editor, 2003);
  •  Conception Diary: Thinking About Pregnancy & Motherhood (2006);
  •  Revisiting Feminist Approaches to Art Therapy (as editor, 2012);
  •  The Introductory Guide to Art Therapy (with Coulter, 2014);
  •  Art Therapy Theories: A Critical Overview (in press);
  •  Maternal Ambivalence (co-edited volume in progress).

Website: About Dr Susan Hogan

Alastair Arnott speaker photo

Alastair Arnott

Achieving Demanufacture

About Alastair Arnott

Alastair Arnott is a lecturer in Education at the University of Wolverhampton and speaks internationally. He is thoroughly passionate about empowering children through psychology and education system revolution. Praised by Prof Noam Chomsky of MIT in the US and Prof Mick Waters in the UK, Alastair is a funny, engaging and focused academic.

Alastair’s first book: ‘Positive Failure’ [published by Cambridge Academic] has already ruffled the feathers of the political establishment and his second book promises to shake the very ground of an education system in crisis. He has spent a decade working in some of the UK’s most deprived inner city secondary schools.

Alastair provides a rigorous, controversial and hard hitting case for why, when and how to achieve educational demanufacture.

Website: wlv.academia.edu/AlastairArnott
Twitter: @Alastair_Arnott


Katherine portrait

Katharine Childs


About Katharine Childs

Katharine is the regional co-coordinator for Code Club in the East Midlands. She works in Derbyshire schools to teach and support the computing element of the new National Curriculum.

After a childhood encounter with Hunt the Wumpus on a BBC Microcomputer, via a Computing degree beginning with Smalltalk and ending in Javascript, she now enjoys enabling the “wow” moments which happen every time a child realises they can create or control by writing their own code. Katharine’s recent work includes contributing to the FutureLearn MOOC Teaching Computing and speaking at BETT, the world’s leading learning technology event. She works extensively with schools, universities and businesses to join-up thinking across the sectors and deliver high-quality computing experiences for the next generation.

Website: Code Club
Twitter: @primaryicttech



Alyson Fielding


About Alyson Fielding

Alyson is interested in the arts and technology. She works across storytelling, content and digital, exploring how technology can make magical experiences.

Since starting Pyuda Ltd, Alyson has managed digital projects for companies including the BBC, and has worked with digital agencies and publishers to design content for use on web and mobile. She was chief content wrangler for the QI app for iPhone and iPad, and adapted the content and storyline for the Malcolm Tucker iPhone app – the first app to be nominated for a TV BAFTA.

She is currently working at the Government Digital Service.

Website: alysonfielding.com
Twitter: @alysonf

Joe Reddigton portrait

Joe Reddington

Twice as loud

About Joe Reddington

Dr Joe Reddington is dedicated to levelling the playing field. As the principal of White Water Writers, a project that trains teachers and youth leaders to run inspiration literacy camps, he dreams of a world where every child can hold in their hands a book they have written. As a big brother to a severely disabled sibling, he researches ethical issues around power and control in the context of communication disability, produces open datasets for assistive technology provision, and campaigns to eliminate postcode lotteries for vital equipment.

Website: joereddington.com
Twitter: @joereddington

Helen portrait

Helen Louise Gallimore

Make Do & Mend

About Helen Louise Gallimore

Helen Louise Gallimore Mclaughlin is a qualified nutritional therapist and sustainable creative.  Using her experience and knowledge, she aims to support individuals towards their life goals—whether these be around health, work or play. She has a passion for sustainable living, delicious food and helping people gain control of their lives to make everyday count.

Website: Get Sneaky
Twitter: @getsneaky